TANGRAM 2015/16

a search for a mathematic approach to pattern cutting and garment construction 


designers tend to draw shapes with an “anything is possible”-mindset and have pattern cutters develop the flat pattern for them. there is often a gap between two – and three-dimensional designing at the cost of unnecessary fabric waste. 


in fashion there are so many possibilities and ever-changing tastes making it easy to miss the forest for the trees. the artist’s freedom to create versus a mathematician’s way of solving problems while being restricted is the main thought underlying the TANGRAM project. I consider fabric spillage through uninventive pattern cutting a problem so I am trying to turn around my work process away from imagining something and making it possible at any cost, towards giving more value to the conscious use of flat space and leaving the 3D shape open for unexpectedness.


for me it has a lot to do with curiosity to solve riddles.